Vermont Chapter AGO

Burlington, VT


The Vermont Chapter welcomes YOU, if you are interested in joining the Vermont Chapter of the American Guild of Organists. All voting memberships include full membership in the American Guild of Organists and the Vermont Chapter, plus a subscription to their publication: The American Organist. Chapter Friends belong only to the Vermont Chapter, receive all Chapter mailings,and are welcome at all events.   Our registration procedure is changing for new and renewing memberships for the year starting in June 2016. The AGO Headquarters has introduced the process of ONCARD registration and our Chapter is going to observe this process starting June 2016.


Before you click on the link provided, make sure you know what your username and password are. If you are not sure where this information is look at the address label of The American Organist you should have been receiving with your membership.   Your username is the first letter of your first name followed by your last name, with no space in between. (For example, Jane Doe’s username would be JDoe). Do not include apostrophes or hyphens. If your last name has a space, leave the space. (For example, Dick Van Dyke’s username would be (DVan Dyke). Directly above your name on the label is a line which has 3 groupings of numbers with the date being the third grouping on the RIGHT of the label. Your membership ID (identification) are the digits found in the middle of this grouping, to the LEFT of the date. This number can vary in the number of digits. I joined later so have 5 digits as my identification. Those who joined earlier have less digits in their membership ID. Use this as your PASSWORD. Once you have this information click on this link:  


We welcome all new members. You have three methods for joining. The first two methods do require you initially to use the internet.   First, to pay by credit card select "Online Start Membership Process" Second, if you prefer to pay with check look at the next line and select the the text that reads “Offline: Print the AGO membership brochure and application” to print the offline form and pay by check.   Your third option is to speak to a member of our board or contact Esther Nui ( or write to the address provided under CHAPTER FRIENDS RENEWAL.


You have two options. You can use the ONCARD login process described above to renew OR you can contact Esther Nui ( to obtain a membership form or a PDF is available here for your convenience. Payment is due by September 20, 2016. Make check out to "Vermont Chapter, AGO" and mail to the registrar:

Esther Nui

76 Stonefence Road

Richmond, VT 05477.

  Click on this link to download PDF: RegistrationFormFriendsVtOnly